Hello and welcome to Gourmet Globetrotter, a blog that combines two of my favorite things – my love of food and travel.

My name is Phil and since 2010 I’ve lived in Los Angeles, home to the entertainment industry. But it’s not all glam and movie stars. LA is home to seemingly endless cultures and cuisines. It’s also one of the best launching off points to explore the US and spots around the world.

Rarely a weekend passes that my partner Kevin and I aren’t hitting the road or hopping a flight to some place we’ve never been (or revisiting the places we love). Gourmet Globetrotter covers what I consider the finer things in life – from that trendy boutique hotel to the street vendor that sells the best tacos outside of Mexico.

The blog first launched in January 2016 after a knee injury that required a few surgeries. I’m not the most tech savvy (okay, I struggle getting my iPod to work). But together with Kevin – who has become my personal IT support tech – we’ve somehow got this thing to work. I’m still amazed!

As a travel writer, my stories and photos have run in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Wall Street Journal as well as in such magazines as Lonely Planet and Westways.

Thank you for visiting my site. I love to hear from readers and hear any feedback. Happy travels!

Phil, editor of Gourmet Globetrotter, with Kevin (partner in crime and unpaid IT technician!)

Kevin (partner in crime and unpaid IT technician) has Phil in the palm of his hand… especially when setting up the back end of the blog