3 Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles (That Don’t Involve an Overpriced Dinner)

Hiking the Music Box Steps in Los Angeles Silver Lake neighborhood.

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But an overpriced dinner isn’t the only option for a romantic or fun night out. In fact, your date might even think you’re being creative by doing something unconventional (and not just being cheap!). Lucky for me, Kevin would probably commend me for saving the extra cash!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, below are 3 fun tried-and-tested ideas for Valentine’s Day. These are fun date night ideas even if you don’t do anything on Valentine’s Day (you know, other than simmer about its commercialization!)

Re-Enact Your Favorite “Ghost” Scene: Ceramics Class at Bitter Root

Forming the shape of the ceramic bowl – how did Demi Moore make it look so easy?

Admit it, ever since you’ve seen the movie “Ghost” you’ve wanted to try throwing a wheel with clay. Or maybe it’s just me? As soon as I read that Bitter Root Ceramics offered an intro ceramics class at their studio in Los Angeles near The Grove, I told Kevin to sign us up!

Kevin spins the wheel – he looks so natural

Bitter Root offers regular intro classes during the week, but for Valentine’s day is going all out with special 2-hour classes (beginning at 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM and a “Ghost” late-night special at 10 PM). The beginner classes will utilize the wheel and include an assortment of chocolates, cheeses, fruits and crackers with complimentary wine or champagne for $150 per couple. Just remember to dress comfortably and get ready to get dirty! But you’ll need to keep your shirts on. Speaking of which, our shirts were covered with clay by the end. But they use special clay that rinses out of clothes so no need to worry too much. To sign up, call directly at 323-938-5511 or email beverlygrove@bitterrootpottery.com  for the studio near The Grove or thevillage@bitterrootpottery.com  for the other studio at Westlake Village.

Showing off my masterpiece. Kevin’s bowl was more “unique”

Relive a Laurel & Hardy Movie Classic By Hiking The Music Box Steps

The Music Box Steps is certainly an adventure. And be warned, you’ll need to be good at following directions. So if you’re one to argue over where to turn left (or the best way to get around LA traffic) this might not be the option for you! These stairs, located over in Silver Lake, were made famous by the Laurel and Hardy 1932 short film “The Music Box,” where the 2 actors  attempted to haul a piano up the impossibly long and steep flight of stairs.

Kevin and Doug take a breather at the top of the Music Box Steps

The actual Music Box steps are relatively short (just on their own). So I recommend doing a longer hike of the neighborhood and other secret staircases by following the directions from this PDF document. The hike begins at the lovely Cafe Tropical where you can start the hike with a coffee con leche or one of their delicious pastries. This is my kind of hike!

Guava empanadas and all sorts of delicious treats inside Cafe Tropical. Don’t feel guilty, you’ll burn it off walking all those steps!

I have to tell you, I never thought we’d actually make it through this hike. Upon reading the PDF, I was completely overwhelmed. But if you break it down, and follow it slowly (in parts), surprisingly, it’s pretty simple to follow. Also, I recommend putting in the actual addresses that are listed on the document. It will help guide you even when you think its the wrong way.

Gorgeous views of Downtown LA as you reach the peak of the hike.

Clearly, I’m so excited I can’t keep my eyes open!

In total, the hike took us about 1.5 hours but this included a few photo opps and maybe getting a little turned around once. Once you’ve completed the hike, you’ll be hungry for lunch and recommend the gorgeous outdoor terrace at Tintorera and ordering some homemade chips and guacamole to celebrate.

The terrace on a sunny day at Tintorera

What could make a hike even better? Guacamole and chips – pretty much my answer to anything in life!

Dinner and a Movie: Having it All at the iPic Theater

Sure, there are cheaper theaters to see a movie. But none are quite as luxurious as the iPic Theater. This is where you’ll find us celebrating Valentine’s Day this year (and actually where we went last year!). What we love about iPic on Valentine’s Day is that it’s our ideal night out — we love movies. Plus, they serve dinner, drinks and dessert and it’s still less than most prix-fixe menus you’re forced to order from on Valentine’s Day.

Bring on the pizza and tater tots! We can’t hold back.

Los Angeles has 2 iPic theaters — one in Pasadena and the other in Westwood. We love the Pasadena theater that offers all Premium Plus seating (which is with lounging chairs and table service). We think it’s the only way to go (compared to the “Premium” seating which doesn’t include the extra perks). Tickets are $32 per person for Premium Plus. And of course, you’ll want to order some food, drinks and dessert while you’re at it!

Sit back and enjoy the comfortable Premium Plus lounging seats at iPic Theater. Going back to regular movie theaters will be tough!

3 Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day in Los Angeles (That Don't Involve an Overpriced Dinner)
Article Name
3 Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day in Los Angeles (That Don't Involve an Overpriced Dinner)
Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is around the corner. But an overpriced dinner isn't the only option for a romantic or fun night out. In honor of Valentine's Day, below are 3 fun tried-and-tested ideas for Valentine's Day. These are fun date night ideas even if you don't do anything on Valentine's Day (you know, other than simmer about its commercialization!)

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