Ringing in 2018: New Years in Mexico City

New Years Eve in Mexico City.

Mexico City is a hot destination — especially around the holidays and the New Year. For the past 2 years, Kevin and I have headed south of the border to celebrate. But it didn’t take very long for us to realize that this place can be a dead zone on the evening of New Year’s Eve and all of New Year’s Day. Nabbing a reservation at a restaurant or party is tougher than you’d think (since a lot of businesses are closed).

Ice skating in the Zocalo — a busy place around the holidays, but not so much on New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve in Mexico City is mostly a family holiday for Mexicans. But don’t let this deter you. There are still plenty of options if you’re looking for a fun night out. Check out our top 10 list of where to ring in the New Year in Mexico City.

Inside the restaurant El Balcon, which decks out the dining room for their New Year’s Eve party

For 2017, we celebrated at El Balcon located off the Zocalo in the historic section of Mexico City. I thought Zocalo would be the heart of the action — especially since the square is so busy during the day. A few years back, Zocalo was where people crammed in to watch the fireworks and was the heart of the excitement. No more (at least on the night of New Year’s Eve)! The party is now over at Paseo de la Reforma (a long street with the biggest gathering around the Angel of Independence Statue). With that said, El Balcon was a nice choice.

An early morning photo of Paseo de la Reforma with barricades and bus loads of police for the night’s festivities

To celebrate 2018, we switched venues and rang in the New Year at Blanco Colima, which was throwing a themed “Black and White” party. Though, Kevin and I totally missed that part (dressing in plaid and blue!). I mean, we were not even slightly close.

I have a black jacket on – does that count for the black and white party?

Blanco Colima is a set in a gigantic historic building right in the heart of the hip neighborhood of Roma Norte. We recommend either calling the restaurant directly or making it a priority to visit first thing upon arrival in Mexico City. There is a lengthy contract to sign (in fact 3 contracts!). It’s $150 USD (or $2.956.00 Mexican Pesos per person), so they’re making it a commitment. No flaking allowed!

The grand entrance to Blanco Colima where they’ll check you in.

Peering down at the party inside the courtyard with the live DJ

There are a lot of different spaces, but we really enjoyed sitting in the bar located towards the entrance on the main floor. It’s a lot quieter than the main room (with the DJ spinning) and while the balcony looked beautiful, it was a freezing night. We’re from LA and we would have frozen to death!

The view from our table in the front bar. We loved the high top tables!

Inside balcony, which overlooks the main restaurant floor

One of the many dining rooms options inside the mansion (with party goers who are actually following the theme!)

The dinner was 6 courses and included an after party (until 4 AM!). We loved the food, which included artichokes, Canadian salmon, raviolis, fish of the day, short rib and a chocolate dessert. They also substitute if you have any allergies (I’m severely allergic to fish) and have a vegetarian menu as well.

Artichokes served at the beginning of the meal.

Kevin’s Canadian salmon, which I took a photo of despite not having 1 bite! It seems like it’s staring back at us.

Before the strike of midnight, you’ll get some champagne and grapes (a tradition in Mexico is to eat and make a wish for each). Though, someone totally swiped mine. So don’t let your grapes out of your sight!

I left my grapes on the table for 5 minutes, and they were already gone. Apparently someone had some extra wishes to make.

We had such a fun time — in fact, we almost stayed until the place shut down. You’re also just 15 minutes walking to the big outdoor street party around the Angel of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma.

We ended up meeting so many fun people at the party who also recognized us from the blog. There were people from Washington, DC, Austin, Texas and New York City. It was such a cool thing to be recognized. When I write this blog, I’m not even thinking that anyone else is reading this besides Kevin (who is required!). Oh, and our moms.

Kevin meets a Gourmet Globetrotter fan from Washington, DC

Making new friends from New York City

And more readers from one of our favorite cities — Austin, Texas

But it goes to show that finding reliable information on New Years in Mexico City can be tough. If you write it, apparently, people shall come! We finished the year on a real bang, too. December marked the highest blog traffic in the history of the blog.  What a way to close out 2017!

Ringing in 2018: New Years in Mexico City
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Ringing in 2018: New Years in Mexico City
Looking to celebrate New Year's Eve in Mexico City? We give you the best place to celebrate the New Year and make the most of your time in Mexico City.

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