Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico City: Top 10 Best Spots to Ring in 2018

Best places to celebrate New Years Eve in Mexico City and ring in 2018

Looking for ideas to celebrate New Years Eve in Mexico City? Last year, Kevin and I had a blast ringing in 2017 at El Balcon Restaurant (check out our recap here). In fact, we loved Mexico City so much, we’re heading back again and we rarely (pretty much never!) visit a place so soon. We recommend spending at least 5 days in Mexico City to get a sense of the culture and to check out all the dining hot spots.

So many tacos, so little time. You won’t go hungry in Mexico City!

First word of advice — New Year’s Eve in Mexico City is mostly a family holiday for Mexicans. But don’t let this deter you. There are still plenty of options if you’re looking for a fun night out.

A must visit for any foodie is Mercado de Roma. Visit earlier in the day as many businesses in Mexico City close early on New Year’s Eve.

Second major piece of advice? Don’t believe — last year when booking with this online service, nearly every reservation fell through. Why? Many restaurants require a separate reservation for New Year’s Eve (and set menu that requires an advanced deposit — either full or percentage). Go through your hotel concierge to make the booking (or contact the establishment yourself over the phone).

So finally, drumroll please, check out our top 10 recommendations on where to ring in the New Year in Mexico City —

Polanco Neighborhood

The fancy neighborhood of Polanco – basically the equivalent of LA’s Beverly Hills

It’s no surprise that this high-end section of Mexico City has a bulk of the parties. It’s one of the more popular spots for visitors and has a high concentration of hotels that tend to throw New Year’s Eve parties.

JW Marriott

  • Located at Andrés Bello 29, Polanco Mexico City
  • Offers a buffet dinner with live music. Cost: $77 USD per person ($1,480.00 Mexican pesos per person)
  • The dinner will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Hyatt Regency

  • Located in Campos Elíseos 204, Polanco, Mexico City
  • Buffet dinner with live band and recorded music. Unlimited Champagne, red and white wine. However, mixed beverages are extra. Tips not included.
  • Cost: $162 USD per person ($3,100.00 Mexican pesos per person)
  • The dinner will begin at 8 p.m.

La Buena Barra Polanco

  • Located at Aristóteles 124, Polanco, Mexico City
  • This restaurant was one of the first I tried (unsuccessfully) to book on OpenTable last year. Definitely call to confirm. The dinner includes four courses — either seafood or meat as well as a glass of Moet & Chandon Champagne.
  • Cost: $100 USD per person ($1,900.00 Mexican pesos per person).
  • The dinner will begin at 9:00 p.m.


  • Located at Presidente Masaryk Avenue 120, Polanco, Polanco Mexico City
  • Dinner is a four course menu of seafood or meat, a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne.
  • Cost: $100 USD per person ($1,900.00 Mexican pesos per person).
  • The dinner will begin at 9:00 p.m.


  • Located at La 20 located in Ejército Nacional Avenue 843 Plaza Antara Polanco Mexico City
  • Dinner includes 5 courses (meal TBD).
  • Cost: $120 USD per person (before December 23rd; $2,300.00 Mexican Pesos per person)


The party is long gone from the Zocalo. A few years back, this is where people crammed in to watch the fireworks and was the heart of the excitement. No more (at least on the night of New Year’s Eve)! The party is now over at Avenida Reforma. With that said, it’s a nice calm atmosphere.

El Balcon de Zocalo

  • Located at Av. 5 de Mayo 61, Centro, 06000 Centro, CDMX, Mexico
  • This place is where we rang in 2017. It’s a lively atmosphere.
  • Don’t wait until last minute to make your reservation (like we did!). Or you’ll end up at the furthest table (not on the balcony) and at a group table with a dozen other strangers. Though, we actually ended up having a blast getting to know all the others at our table. Awkward at first, but eventually everyone rolled with it!

Celebrating 2017 at El Balcon. It was a fun time!

  • Cost: $170 USD per person (or $3,250.00 Mexican Pesos per person)
  • The dinner starts at 8 p.m.

Condesa and Roma

Fountain in front of the Starbucks in Roma’s Plaza Rio De Janeiro in Roma Neighborhood

Roma and Condesa are located next to each other and are more our speed. We felt like Polanco was too stuffy while Zocalo was a little ‘edgy’ and rough for our tastes. These neighborhoods are more artistic/creative communities with high-end restaurants but not too formal. We explored Mexico City inside and out and we knew immediately that for our next trip, we’d be staying in this neighborhood.

Fonda Garufa

  • Av Michoacán 93, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • Cost: $63 USD per person ($1,200.00 Mexican Pesos per person), plus taxes and a 50% deposit to confirm
  • They have a special set menu for the evening. It’s a nice spot if you’re looking for a budget friendly, low-key place to ring in the New Year.

Blanco Colima

  • Colima 168, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • This is the place we decided to book — it’s gorgeous, set in a gigantic historic building right in the heart of the hip neighborhood of Roma.
  • For New Year’s Eve, they’re throwing a “black and white” party as their theme. Open bar and champagne to toast at midnight.
  • The dinner is 6 courses, and includes an after party (until 4 AM!). The dinner menu includes such dishes as artichokes, Canadian Salmon, raviolis, fish of the day, short rib and a chocolate dessert. They also substitute if you have any allergies (I’m severely allergic to fish) and have a vegetarian menu as well.
  • Cost $150 USD per person (or $2.956.00 Mexican Pesos per person).

Balmori Roof Bar

  • Zacatecas 139 2do piso, Cuauhtemoc, Roma Norte, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • On the very top of the restaurant and seems like a very cool spot.
  • Menu includes a start of foie gras, entree (which is pork belly and sides) and a dessert
  • Cost: $42 USD per person ($800.00 Mexican Pesos).
  • The event also includes party favors, a glass of sparkling wine, grapes (a Mexican tradition to eat each grape and make a wish) and a DJ.
  • If fully booked, they will accept walk-ins on the day-of, and first come at the bar.

Avenida Reforma

  • For those looking for the New Year’s Eve street party, you’ll find it on Avenida Reforma. Many blogs (incorrectly) list that it’s in the historical center in Zocalo Square. But that’s no longer the case. Zocalo is packed with tourists from Christmas to December 30 (so much you can hardly move). But oddly on New Year’s Eve it was completely empty.
  • The crowd is now over on Avenida Reforma with live bands and fireworks. Though, from many of the other tourists I spoke to, it was a very crowded place.
  • Cost: Free! But watch your wallets and if you don’t like crowds – stay clear. I’m talking Times Square type crowds.

There you have it.  So many choices! But better than a last minute scramble like we did last year. Do you have any favorite spots? Feel free to send them my way and I’ll continue to update the list. Have a safe and happy New Year!

Ideas to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Mexico City: Top 10 Best Spots to Ring in 2018
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Ideas to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Mexico City: Top 10 Best Spots to Ring in 2018
Looking for ideas to celebrate New Years Eve in Mexico City? Check out our tips on the top 10 places to ring in the New Year - our top 10 places to celebrate with your loved one.


  1. Hi! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Mexico City and stumbled on your blog! We’re planning to go to Blanco Colima for NYE but the general manager is asking me to wire him the full fee for the reservation. Did you have to do this too? Was there not a secure reservation portal that I can pay my deposit? I reached out via their Facebook page and was put into contact with their general manager via email. Please let me know if this is how you secured your reservation!

  2. The previous comment was made my! Just want to correct my email address as I forgot the ‘t’!

    • Hi Kim – we looked at the contract last year for Blanco Colima, and it lists this phone number to contact them: (55) 5208 2702. My recommendation would be to try calling them during business hours (they open around 1:30 PM Central Time daily). Or even better yet, if you’re staying at a hotel, ask the concierge to book it for you. Blanco Colima will have a contract that you’ll have to sign and pay upfront. That way, they ensure the table is covered. We arrived a few days before New Year’s Eve, and did the transaction in person. But, if you can arrange it in advance, that would be best.

      Hope that helps. And have a great time in Mexico City!


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